The Polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses

Reflective polarizer is over the entire filter out glare, anti-vertigo can play the role of high-end sunglasses, prices are high.

The first is the relationship between the two, including a polarizer sunglasses, polarized sunglasses is a mirror. It should be said polarizer is as more and more people demand and need for the design out of a special sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses biggest difference lies in the reflected light of sunglasses processing. In an environment in which we live, there is a direct light, reflected light and diffused light three kinds of light, diffused light which we usually do not perceive, but it is our eyes can see one of the most important objects in the light; while direct light because it has a fixed light source, just a little attention, our lives would not have caused harm. These are common in life often sudden and unexpected reflector reflecting light, will give our lives a lot of inconvenience. Such as car driver, in front of the mirror is a reflection of uncertain light, portable roadside smooth surface or passers-planar objects can become reflective light, the reflected light are likely to bring trouble to the driver’s driving even it is dangerous.

UV irradiation is now usually divided into sunglasses and polarizer glasses, fake Oakleys sunglasses are familiar we usually used to block the sun and UV tinted glasses. In our daily life, in addition to sun and ultraviolet outside light through the uneven pavement, water and other places will produce irregular diffuse light, commonly known as “glare.” The emergence of the human eye glare discomfort and fatigue and affect the clarity of vision, polarized light microscopy is that we can effectively filter out glare sunglasses.

There are many ways to discern polarizer glasses. The relatively simple one: stacked 2 vertically polarized lenses, the lens will appear opaque phenomenon due to the special design of the lens polarizer only let light through parallel lenses, stacked vertically in the two lenses when the light is mostly blocked. everyone at the time of purchase, as long as such a simple operation, they immediately know that the authenticity and quality of the product.

While generally discerning the identification plate polarizer, no black stripes naked eye, but looks to bring polarizer can see you do not see the black eye the provisions! sunglasses would not! ”

Polarized cheap Oakley glasses is over for reflection glare, to filter out, so that you can play the role of anti-vertigo, and in the summer trip will make clearer vision, reduce visual fatigue. Of course, this will be much more expensive sunglasses its price. If you just go for a walk, ordinary sunglasses can fully meet your needs. But whether it is driving or for hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities, choose a polarized sunglasses make you more comfortable.

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