The Most Popular Sunglasses Styles In 2013 – Which One Is Yours?

1. Loving Shining large frame
conceivable reason why wild popular large frame glasses, is designed to make exaggerated face look more perfect, plus the classic elements into fashion, has become a favorite of young people to show off America’s way. Walking in the street looked around, put a large box frame Oakley store are not full of Star Fan and some do?

2. Colorful frame
more attention to design, but also highlights the beauty of glasses and spare the article in detail, but it can be said with wild invincible, a color frame glasses can any one color clothes similar to each other, and with them very casual and relaxing.

However, in this small series to suggest that the color frame glasses color and diverse, with a reasonable order to minimize other areas of the body parts of the makeup jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, etc.; Also in outfits also need to take simple wind .

3. The Retro frames are cool
frame full vigor for both men and women regardless of their choice. For men, it is consistent with the outline of men facial features, clear and straight; For ladies who can very easily achieve the effect of individuality.

4. Veneer sunglasses
For many people may not understand veneer glasses, decent glasses more in line with the outline of the face, but can be very effective on the wear protection of our glasses, and energetic feeling.

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